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Safa Park

Working Hours

Sunday/ Monday/ Tuesday & Wednesday, from 08:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Thursday/ Friday/ Saturday and official holidays, from 08:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.



Entry Fees

AED 3 per person.
Entry is free of charge People of Determination.

About the Park:

No park's name in Dubai was ever derived from its actual meaning as Al Safa Park's name did; for, the extreme quietness that is prevailing all over the Park confirms actually that its name is suggested from its quiet condition.  On the other hand, Al Safa Park is considered the first among other parks which opening was coincided with the opening of Mushrif Park, which is also considered an old and new park.

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Services and Facilities:

  • There is a small garden allocated for ladies: While upgrading the Park project, the Municipality has allocated a part of the Park for ladies and children for complying with the customs and traditions prevailing in the community. The ladies' area was provided with a space allocated for mothers for enabling them control their children while playing in the Park. Besides, the ladies' area was provided with all public facilities and was surrounded by metal fence in three entries. Also, this area was planted with various kinds of plants and shadowy trees). 
  • Entertainment games 
  • Availability of sports fields for (Basketball)
  • Service of the sports racecourse.
  • Services of public facilities.
  • Places for performing prayer.
  • Services of renting bicycles 
  • Restaurants & cafeterias services.
  • Park's theater.
  • Facilities for People of Determination: (The Park provides a lot of the facilities and services for People of Determination , and that this Park was designed especially for providing service to this category of the community after taking into consideration that all services, installations and utilities are providing them with special facilities. Besides, special parking lots were allocated for People of Determination close to the parks entry gates, and for facilitating their smooth movement on passages. In addition, special toilettes were designed for them.

Contact Details:

  • 04-3492111
  • 050-8589894