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Zabeel Park

Working Hours

Sunday/Monday/Tuesday & Wednesday from 08:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Thursday/Friday/Saturday and official holidays from 08:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Entry Fees

  • AED 5 per person.
  • ( NOL card)
  • Entry is free of charge People of Determination

About the Park:

Zabeel Park is considered one of the most significant outstanding projects achieved by Dubai Municipality due to its special location and the components of its unique elements. Besides, it is considered a civilized project that is characterized by its quality and modernity.
Apart from the above, the new elements available in this Park cannot be found in other Parks in Dubai, like the Technology & Sports Center, entertainment, celebration plaza, solar system, etc…, which bestow on it a special style and unit character. 
The Park's infrastructure was designed in order to be attractive, which included wide collection of facilities and two bridges linking the Park's three sections. Regarding that the Park includes three Sections: A, B & C, and that each one of these sections provides different kinds of entertainment and services.

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Services & Facilities:

  • Cricket field free of charge (based on prior booking).
  • WiFi wireless service (Communication).
  • Boat Lake water jet.
  • Rent of bicycles 
  • Suspended bridge which passes over one of the main roads outside the Park.
  • Places for children's games. ( Accessible for People of Determination)
  • Restaurants & cafeterias services.
  • Boats rent services 
  • Excursion and barbecuing places.
  • Botanical and horticulture spaces.
  • Sports racecourse.(Jogging Tack , Fitness Equipment) 
  • Public facilities services.
  • Places for performing prayer.
  • Facilities for People of Determination: (The Park provides a lot of the facilities and services for People of Determination, and that this Park was designed especially for providing service to this category of the community after taking into consideration that all services, installations and utilities are providing them with special facilities. Besides, special parking lots were allocated for people with special needs close to the parks entry gates, and for facilitating their smooth movement on passages. In addition, special toilettes were designed for People of Determination as well.


Contact information

  • 04-3986888
  • 050-7252994